Startron Enzyme Fuel Treatment 8 OZ

Startron Enzyme Fuel Treatment 8 OZ
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Startron ethanol fuel treatment helps cure and correct the devastating effects that ethanol fuel can have on your power equipment. Ethanol fuel has corn based alcohol in it. This alcohol draws moisture from the outside air and deposit's in the bottom of the fuel tank. You will find that it will rust out the bowl of the carburetor, makes your fuel lines gummy, causes phase separation in your fuel system which can cause your two cycle engines to lock up and needing an expensive rebuild,  It can cause hard starting and a multitude of other problems. This product contains a fuel stabilizer to help keep the fuel fresh along with the chemical ingredients to prevent these issues mentioned above that the ethanol causes. This 8 OZ bottle will treat up to 48 gallons of gas. Protect your investment in your power equipment and save on the down time that repairs cause from your fuel related issues. Thanks for looking.

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